John Verhoeven also denounces the UK B2B List importance of inclusivity in communication and a diverse communication team in his article on Frankwatching : “A healthy diversity in your team ensures that one colleague is much better able than the others to provide the right information. select for those specific groups. And is also able to UK B2B List set the right tone.” That article generated a good discussion with other communication professionals. Also read the sequel to his piece, with experiences and advice . Communication can make the difference by holding up a mirror to organizations. Trend 2. Moral UK B2B List compass as a guide In today’s society we have to deal with increasing polarization and fragmentation. And media and politicians unfortunately contribute to magnifying the differences.

Moral compass as a guide UK B2B List 

In the meantime, people are looking for something to hold on to in their UK B2B List safe bubbles and become unreachable. This makes it extremely difficult to find common values ​​and interests. What can communication professionals do about this? According to the Logeion TrendTeam, we have to look for similarities in the UK B2B List different perspectives. What meaning do people and organizations give to certain values ​​or interests? Are there common values ​​or moral boundaries UK B2B List that can provide direction?

UK B2B List

Take a look outside UK B2B List 

Take a look outside more often Too often a vision and starting UK B2B List point is determined from one’s own strategy. But sometimes that vision no longer fits, for example due to social unrest or because it no longer fits today. You can’t care less about what is said about your organization on social media. But you can also be aware of it and learn UK B2B List from it to make better policy. Jaap de Bruijn: “It is the moral duty of communication professionals to look UK B2B List outward, map out the sentiment and bring it in. Communication can make the difference by holding up a mirror to organizations.”

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