Contracts and alliances with sports legends such as Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo are proof of this. But, we must also say that in recent times Nike has remained in force and at the top of its segment by taking into account new forms of consumption, also becoming a complete e -commerce , with interactive resources that give it originality. In the already distant 2013, the brand included an interactive showcase on its site so that users could virtually.

Nike has remained in force and at the top

Try on” clothes and shoes, and since then it has been in constant modernization. In addition to the power of these actions, in terms of user experience , the VP Technical Email Lists Nike site is a powerful source of information , as it collects data thanks to clicks, page openings and the behavior of visitors in general. Lyft: The Scope of Authenticity and Humanization If there is a company that can threaten the almighty Uber, in terms of urban and private transportation, it is Lyft . How did he accomplish such a feat?

Initially, the company allowed tips

VP Technical Email Lists

The American brand put into practice several of the key positioning factors: competition analysis, differentiation and humanization , among others. Initially, the company allowed tips and focused on “signing” drivers with social skills , who would converse during trips, becoming a much more accessible and humane alternative to the sophisticated Uber. In fact, possibly, it was the cause that Uber relaxed policies and dynamics of services, in order not to lose its privileged place. conclusion Cool!

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