A crawl issue indicates that a page is having trouble and google is unable. To index it you need to determine the source of the problem. And resubmit the page to google if you continue to receive errors or resources. Not found after clicking the test live url button, you should first fix the errors by modifying. Your html, then request indexing and verify the modification. Here are three of the most common url errors if your site is experiencing. One or more of these issues take a look at these solutions and resolve them as soon as possible. If every url on your site has both a non- version and a version you will be splitting. The link value for the same content between two urls rather than collecting. 100 percent of the link value on the page you want to rank in search results.

Create a 301 Redirect So That All Old Urls to Your Non Preferred

By splitting the link value over two urls, you avoid wasting it. Set your chosen domain in google webmaster tools so that your search Design Directors Managers Email Lists result listings reflect your preferred . It’s a fun game that many non-seo optimized shopping cart apps come across. When you start putting all sorts of variables and parameters into your urls. The possibilities for duplicate content and wasted link value become limitless. Other factors can contribute to the dynamic url error. Many companies use parameter-based urls for statistical purposes. We just want to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot in terms of seo. Whenever possible, use seo-friendly base urls for your site. It’s better to have a base url that leads to.

The Content Rather Than One That Depends on a Parameter

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Define a canonical tag to tell search engines to use the base version of the url. You can still get your data using parameter urls like engines will consider the simple version as the legit version. An even better solution is to capture the data on the server side and then redirect the user. To the correct url once the data is obtained We understand that some of this technical. Seo jargon can bore you to tears Nobody likes to individually check small. Url errors or have a panic attack when they discover thousands of errors on your site. However with practice and repetition you will develop the mental muscle. Memory to understand how to respond to errors which are critical and which can be safely ignored. It will quickly become second nature.

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