There is a shortage in the labor market. There Netherlands B2B List are also many vacancies in the cultural sector. Every day dozens of positions become available at beautiful, cool, substantive and creative organizations. Places where people make things, where people color outside the lines and where new things are creat. But remarkably enough, cultural vacancy texts are quite similar and – frankly – they are also a bit boring. The dynamic environment, the smooth pen and the challenging Netherlands B2B List position: descriptions that come up with many vacancies. Of course, not every organization has to become the Coolblue of the culture sector. But how do you ensure that your vacancy texts better reflect what you stand for as a cultural or Netherlands B2B List creative organization?

5 practical tips for Netherlands B2B List

Write more creative and personal texts based on these 8 concrete tips. 1. Use Netherlands B2B List image, not just text Many vacancies in the cultural sector consist largely – or completely – of text. At most, a suitable image is sought for the social media channels. And that while photos of exhibitions, concerts and performances can appeal to the Netherlands B2B List imagination. Photos or videos of the daily workplace give a good idea of ​​where you are for a large part of the week. But also think of visual diagrams or infographics to explain a job or working day. Of course you can adjust the amount of image to the type Netherlands B2B List  of function.

Netherlands B2B List

Effective recruitment videos Netherlands B2B List

Visual Alternatives to Cover Letters Workers in the cultural sector are Netherlands B2B List  visually oriented or do not feel comfortable writing an extensive motivation letter. In your vacancy give alternatives to the traditional ‘mail with CV’. The Rijksmuseum , for example, regularly has vacancies where people are invited to Netherlands B2B List submit a job application video. With design or communication functions it is of course nice to be able to view a portfolio, Netherlands B2B List  with designs and previously created content such as video or social posts.

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