It is therefore not allow to emphasize a number Cambodia B2B List of times that it really is a great product. Are you an influencer who makes videos and earns money from them? Then you must register with the regulator: the Media Authority. Everyone should use Kijkwijzer icons. For videos specifically intend for children, extra strict rules apply: You don’t make Cambodia B2B List unboxing videos of children’s toys. You are not promoting food aim at children under the age of 7. Promotion of unhealthy food (licorice, candy Cambodia B2B List and chocolate) is also not allowed for children under 13 years of age.

Are you considering collaborating Cambodia B2B List

You are not allow to promote online games of chance and gambling Cambodia B2B List with a target group that mainly consists of people younger than 25 years old. If your promotion is aim at children, you need to be extra clear and transparent. The listing you use should be Cambodia B2B List understandable to the young target audience. The effect on your influencer campaigns We now know that the rules for influencers are changing, but what do these changes mean for Cambodia B2B List your influencer campaigns?

Cambodia B2B List

with influencers Cambodia B2B List

Do you need to set up campaigns differently, Cambodia B2B List what should you pay attention to and what happens if you break the rules? In general, you should pay attention to at least 2 things: It’s a great way to reach your target audiences and create positive brand associations. It is important to select only the right partners. Could you use some more handles? Our Cambodia B2B List  handy online course teaches you how to make influencer marketing part of your Cambodia B2B List brand strategy. Tell me more!

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