Take actions for more chances to win. The first option people are presented with is sharing the giveaway with friends: Screenshot showing a confirmation page for a sweepstakes You can see in the above giveaway that people are encouraged to share via Twitter, Facebook, and email. When you’re creating your giveaway, you can choose which platforms people can use to share your giveaway. Screenshot showing the sharing page for a viral giveaway When choosing

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Think about the platforms most suited to your business, and where you might already have some traction. For example, a B2B giveaway might work better being Armenia Phone Number shared on LinkedIn than on Pinterest. 3. Bonus Entries We’re now at the business end of giveaway creation — this is where you create your giveaway’s virality. For example, in the Bo Jackson giveaway users could receive extra entries for.

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For a viral giveaway When choosing

Listening to a podcast episode. Subscribing to a YouTube channel. Checking out a website. Each action taken resulted in five more entries for that user. Screenshot showing how someone can get more entries When you’re putting together your giveaway, you can choose exactly which actions will result in bonus entries and how many entries a user will receive for taking each action within KingSumo. There is a range of bonus options available within KingSumo:

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