It is not surprising that most companies invest large amounts of budget in the management of social networks to interact with people and respond to possible negative criticism. What are the benefits? A first glance will show you that people are freely helping you increase your brand awareness, with 86% of B2B marketers saying it’s their primary goal, according to CMI’s 2020 B2B Research . For B2C companies, the response rate was 84%.

What are the benefits

The fact is that customers tend to buy from companies they already know, so you have to earn that position. B2B marketing , for example, is CFO Email List often based on empathy-driven content, thus building a strong relationship with the audience . qualified leads By boosting the Word of Mouth and, consequently, the awareness of your brand, you generate more qualified leads in your other actions.

Recommendations from family

CFO Email List

The point is that when customers are aware of your brand, they are more open to hearing your message. A Nielsen study revealed that 92% of online customers tend to trust word of mouth marketing over any advertisement. Recommendations from family and friends come first, which means smart marketing strategies can create this kind of social proof. Now, let’s talk about making magic happen.

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