What seemed like a good strategy to be part of the revolution turned out to. Be a loss of 25 million dollars for cnn. At the end of 2016.One of the news that shook the media environment was .The hiring by cnn of casey neistat, a popular youtuber .Who at that time had 5 million 861 .Thousand subscribers on his youtube channel. The movement of the Dominica B2B List well-known chain of .Communication was evident; adding neistat was a movement in. The face of the terrain that digital entertainment spaces -such as the google video platform- were beginning to gain around the interest of the audience, especially among the younger audiences. Figures provided by comscore and barb indicated that during 2016. 41 percent of consumers aged 18 and. 34 would choose youtube as a means of dispersion before any television. Channel; only 27 percent of these audiences would have preferred to .Consume content through conventional television broadcasts.

What Seemed Like a Good Strategy to Be Part of the

Which, designed, launched and promoted by the vlogger himself. Had been trying since 2015 to compete with snapchat with a similar. Format for delivering ephemeral information like. This as a fan base that added just over 5.8 million subscribers. Until the time of purchase. In this way, the neistat. Platform would be the vehicle through which news and. Through formats that promised to. Adapt to Dominica B2B List current consumption habits, a project that would see the light of. Day at the beginning of last year.

The Movement of the Well-known Chain of Communication

Dominica B2B List

a figure paid for the purchase of BEME. while the Dominica B2B List BEME platform was closed. The still popular video blogger published a video on social networks in which he refers to his departure from the information center. Beyond what will happen with the youtuber and his team, the previous case demonstrates the control that the big digital companies -which could include Snapchat and WhatsApp- have in terms of information distribution and the need for brands as well as means of creating their own mechanisms or platforms.

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