Mercedes-benz delivered more than 600,000 cars in china. Which represents a world record in a single market. Thanks to consumer confidence. During this week. A publication on the instagram account of mercedes-benz showed a vehicle of the company accompanied by the phrase “look at situations from all angles. And they will be more open”, a prayer attributed to the dalai lama. At first glance, this could be another post on instagram, for the automotive brand it represented a moment of crisis when it was less. Of a concern to its chinese consumers and employees, with what the media of the asian. Country did not notice when reporting it as an insult to the culture of the nation.

Durante Esta Semana, Una Publicación en La Cuenta De.

Is the problem? Unlike what happened with Ram when people reproached him for using the image of Martin Luther King Jr. to sell trucks, the Mercedes error was simply to mention the Dalai Lama, every time China (recognized as the world’s largest car manufacturer) ) considers the  Tibetan leader an “anti-Chinese separatist”. In australia mobile number database this way, the message of the German automatize on the soil hirik the feelings of the Chinese pueblo, as well as challenged its fund line on national sovereignty. This is especially interesting to take into account that during 2017, Mercedes-Benz delivered more than 600,000 new cars to China,

El Problema? A Diferencia De Lo Que Sucedió Con Ram Cuando.

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which represents a world record in a single market, according to Greater China. The good performance attributed to the trust of Chinese customers in the company. In addition to removing the post, the automotive firm wrote an apology for the Chinese market that it published on Weibo, in which I mention the following: “We are well advised of how the feelings of the Chinese people have been inherited, including to our Chinese colleagues, and we offer our most sincere apologies.”Two things are the great lection of this case. On the one hand, one could think that Mercedes has forgotten the context. In the first instance, it could be decided that your communication strategy in social networks has been forgotten about the consumer’s context.

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