Mercedes-benz delivered more than 600 thousand cars in china. Which is a world record in a single market, thanks to consumer confidence. During this week. A publication on the mercedes-benz instagram account showed a company vehicle . Accompanied by the phrase “Look at situations from all angles and you will be more open”. A sentence attributed to the dalai lama. Although at first glance this could be just another post on instagram. For the automotive brand it represented a moment of crisis at least in the face. Of its chinese consumers and collaborators with which the asian country’s media did not hesitate to . Report the event as an insult to the culture of that nation. The problem? Unlike what happened with ram when people .

During This Week, a Post on the Mercedes-benz Instagram Account

Since china (recognized as the world’s largest car manufacturer ) regards the tibetan leader as an “anti-chinese separatist”. In this way the german automaker’s message not uk telephone number database only hurt the feelings of the chinese people. But also challenged their bottom line on national sovereignty. This is especially interesting considering that during 2017. Mercedes-benz delivered more than 600.000 new cars in china which is a world record for a. Single market according to data from greater china. The good performance I attribute to the trust of chinese customers in the company. In addition to withdrawing the post.

Although at First Glance This Could Be Just Another Post

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Noting the following: “We are well aware of how this has hurt the feelings of the chinese people. Including our chinese colleagues and we offer our most sincere apologies”. Two things are the great lesson of this case. On the one hand, it could be thought that mercedes forgot the context. In the first instance. It could be said that their communication strategy on social networks. Has forgotten the context of the consumer. A matter that is especially worrying if we consider that communication and marketing. Efforts that are related to the context of the target audiences are. Expected to be 63 percent more effective .Than those that do not take this element into account. According to a recent study signed by zefr. However and perhaps more interesting. Is to recognize the power that the chinese market now has. The action

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