Quick Story Responses. I have to admit that sometimes I find this a bit exaggerat myself. If you see a nice Story, you can only let us know via a DM. That also raises the threshold. But this is now a thing of the past, by adding the likes for Stories. In addition to this reason, Instagram also knows that liking Reels and videos on TikTok works well. It is actually strange that this is only now being roll out. But that doesn’t make it any less useful. How does it work? Easy! At the bottom of your screen, where you now see the ‘Send a message’ box when you watch Stories, the like option will appear. Between the text box and the icon to send a DM you see the like heart. If you click on the heart, the creator can see that you have lik the Story.

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The creator can see in the ‘viewer sheet’ (where you come when you swipe up your own Story) which viewers have left a heart. This is therefore not public, but only visible to the creator. And you only see which viewers have lik, and not how many likes you have receiv in total. Also read: This is how Bulgaria Phone Number Instagram’s algorithm works With this new feature, the Instagram inboxes will hopefully remain a bit ‘cleaner’, so that important messages are less likely to get snow under. Liking Stories on Instagram. . Collaborate on a collab post Another cool new feature: collab posts. You can now post your post with someone else. The post will therefore appear on both pages, and the likes, shares and comments add up.

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An interesting option to increase your reach. How does it work? The option is a little hidden. If you click on ‘Tag people’ before posting your post or Reel, the ‘Invite Consumer Lead Contributor’ option will appear. If you then invite someone via that button, they will receive a notification and can reject or accept the request. An example of a collab post: collab post on instagram You can see at the top of the post that this is a collab post. The poster’s name will appear at the front, just like the profile picture, and the account that has accept the invitation to ‘contribute’ will appear after that.

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