Ask if they want to schedule something for three weeks later, as that’s usually when they’ll need to come. Call customers aged 18-23 who haven’t come to your store for a while, and ask them if they want to come in for an appointment during the week, and give them a discount for a weekday to fill up your less busy days. If a customer comes back, that means that they’re happy with your services. Attempt to sell them on a discounted three-month package,

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for example, to guarantee that they stay with you in the long term. You can look at other data and come up with a plethora of ideas like the ones listed above. 2. Ecommerce Iceland Phone Number Backpack Store You sell handmade, sturdy backpacks on your Shopify store. You know that your customers fall into these groups: Don’t buy backpacks often. They want to buy one and use it for a long while. (Benefit) Are mainly people with old backpacks who want something new.

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Don’t buy backpacks often

(Occasion) Are mostly students and startup employees, and they carry their laptops in their backpacks all day. (Usage habits) Here’s what you can do to sell more, and sell more effectively: Make and market your backpacks as “extra sturdy.” Promise a 10-year warranty, and stand behind the warranty. Use copy like “is your backpack getting old?” in your ads to attract more attention from potential customers. Market directly to college students.

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