As in past years, Carotte and our members had an excellent year. Here’s a quick look at some of the amazing stories and things that happened in 2018. It has been an exceptional year for our Carrot members and another year of HUGE growth for our team and our company. In an effort to amplify our membership, we use our mission “Add humanity to business and help people find time for the things that matter.” Let’s recap some of the Taiwan Phone Number List cool stuff in this quick post! Carrot Review 2018 Carrot members crushed lead generation We launched many NEW features for our members It’s been a year of giving… in the end, Carrot will donate almost $60,000 to different charities

We Had Been in Beta Phase

The Carrot Cast podcast continues to inspire Agent Carrot is officially available worldwide Our team has grown by 10 people this year as we continue to innovate and lead our industry. … and more! Here we are! Hundreds of thousands of tracks You crush it! Our members took another leap forward in leads in 2018. With over 315,000 leads coming this Taiwan Phone Number year when you DON’T count phone calls which we can’t track in Google Analytics right now) , you attract more AdWords, SEO, Facebook and online social media as a collective than any other lead generation platform for real estate investors and agents…by far. Keep crushing it! Achievement of Carrot member goals

We Would Like to Especially Thank All Those

Taiwan Phone Number List





 January 1 – December 25, 201853% of leads came from mobile devices For years, the way Carrot clients have dominated their online marketplaces started with a highly optimized website (for SEO and lead conversion), then amplified with our content marketing tools and training. We had been in beta phase with Agent Carrot for a year and after amazing and amazing feedback from our Agents members, we were excited to release the Taiwan Phone Number List full version in April. Our vision is to continue to improve the way real estate agents and investors grow their business by leveraging the web. We would like to especially thank all those who have contributed to the success of Agent Carrot. Both to our members and to the Carrot team! Learn more about Agent Carrot real estate agent websites!

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