The relationship between reality and photography is ambiguous. A relationship of hatred repulsion impasse because reality is the iron ball that keeps photography tied to the earth since the trap. The real world ostracize the photographer. Turn his work into a lame translation of an infinitely more important real world. A relationship of love attraction hope because reality. The only source of life for photography its justification and the field of its transformation. For the photographer his eye is the source not his camera. White page the world itself. The deep observation of the world reveals the ability of the spirit to turn it into an empty stage and to mold on it like a sculptor. Creator his own new world with the elements of the visible. The transformation of the world begins from the moment the eye examines it carefully. Isolating its details and slicing it up have already been done before the camera intervenes.

The photographic art seem much more genuine

Remains for the senses marble while at the same time it convinces us that only his own. Presence can convey to us sculpturally alive these Logo Designs Service forms and not some other material. Man seeks spirituality in art. But this spirituality must bring him into harmony with reality. To reassure him about the lack of harmony and order. To take the place of an unknown perhaps lost God. That is why images from reality are necessary even. The photographer and the viewer are convinced that they are seeing another reality. But they know that since the genius of the creator can infuse spirituality into the visible then harmony exists even if hidden. For this very reason those photographers who evolve only through photography are sterile. Their observation of the world and their participation in it are the only guarantees that.

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Appreciate their work and even inspire

The political power included the arts in the field of its interests sometimes to rein them in. Sometimes as an alibi for its essential indifference to it. Except that the art of politics Consumer Lead can hardly be reconciled with art. The latter needs investigations and balances of interests strategy formulation and goals. Dimensions unknown if not harmful to art. It is true of course that art has always had relations of dependence and at the same time conflict with the respective authorities. The artist was the emancipated jester telling the truths he believed in and not the ones the lord wanted to hear. But there were times when the rulers understood the truths of the artists even if they were not comfortable. And even better that they were able to and challenge it. A necessary challenge for the artist who contrary to what is believed needs the order since the fear. The uncertainty of the artistic result takes him away from creation and offers him excuses rather than motivation.

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