The real treasure of this is how the actions of our companies motivate people to do it. A fundamental idea is to provide a good experience. The point is that after having the unique experience of buying and using the product, people quickly spread the word. In other words, customers often do marketing for businesses, regardless of the reasons. Even so, the simple fact that we know that this happens can work in our favor.

The point is that after having the unique

A remarkable experience can trigger Word of Mouth Marketing . The product itself can be the source, as well as great customer service , a free gift card, a CEO Email Lists Content Marketing channel, or even specific events promoted by the company. Anything that positively connects a customer to your brand points in that direction. You can trust that the quality of your products and services will do that, but planning actions towards these goals is definitely necessary.

Anything that positively connects a customer

CEO Email Lists

Social media adds an extra layer If Word of Mouth Marketing was useful before the digital transformation , now it is part of the best practices of any company. The Internet has created multiple ways to share experiences and that has changed the way we handle purchases. Millennials, for example: a generation that grew up surrounded by technology and information at the fingertips.

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