In fact, you may not want to be looking there at all… CEO and startup founder, Chris Meyers, explains why in a recent Forbes article. “The absence of competition in any given market segment is often viewed as a positive by entrepreneurs. Providing them with a clear and straightforward path to success. This belief, however, is as damaging as it is misguided. Entrepreneurs who don’t have competition should be wary.

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Rather than being a strength, a lack of competition in your market can be indicative of a serious weakness. You read that correctly. A lack of competition Turkey Phone Number can  mean a variety of negative things for your ecommerce business. Including too narrow of a focus or that the market isn’t ready for your product yet… Remember those old handheld devices called PalmPilots? Of course you don’t… Cell phones completely wiped them off the market.

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Market isn’t ready for your

In the case of women’s clothing and apparel, competition is stiff! Screenshot showing logos of different brands And those are only a fraction of the hundreds of products out there competing for your customers. And the most popular place where people go to for reverse phone number services is the web. Aside from reverse phone directories

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