Original content is an inexhaustible source that brands can rely on to offer consumers something relevant. Innovative and, above all, in line with what the firm itself seeks to promote .To its followers. However, before acting and carrying out .A Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists strategy of this nature, it is necessary to think about the types of public to which they are directed. The gap between generations is very marked. Especially today, so it is not possible to speak to everyone in the same way, as if they were part of .A single sector. Knowing what types of content consumers of different ages want can. Be essential, as some content formats resonate more with certain age groups. For example, according to social bakers, compared to other social networks, visuals have a better reaction by younger users.

Original Content Is an Inexhaustible Source That Brands

With a popularity of 24 percent. Additionally, hubspot data indicates that more .Than half of consumers age 54 and younger want to Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists watch more video, regardless of platform. For its part. Regarding the efforts contemplated by firms in content marketing . Statista says that 95 percent of companies use web pages to give projection to their content. There are significant differences in the preferences of various age groups. For other types of content. Regarding the.

Knowing What Types of Content Consumers of Different

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

Hubspot says that at least 22 percent of consumers ages 18 to 24 value emails from. The brands they endorse, compared to 68 percent of consumers age 55 and older. Thus, although videos lead the product, they are mostly consumed by people between 18 and 24 years of age. With 57 percent; the same for the images, since they keep the .Trend with 60 percent. Blog articles are preferred by people between 25 and 34 years old. Since they have a Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists 21 percent in that preference. The preference is clear: older consumers tend .To find text content more memorable than younger consumers. The reason: 65 percent of consumers ages 18 to 24 say they want .To see more video content, while 59 percent of consumers ages 55 and older are looking for more article content. Subscribe.

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