Bud light wants to take advantage of them to launch a .Dynamic mixing the closeness of super bowl lii the presence of tom brady and .The mexican journalist who stole the pats quarterback’s jersey. Promotions are one of the marketing resources that. Many brands use to connect with their audiences. And social networks are a channel that has become. Popular to launch many of them bud light wants to take advantage .Of them to launch a dynamic mixing the .Closeness of super bowl lii, the presence of tom brady and the mexican. Journalist who stole the pats quarterback’s jersey. The brand owned by ab inbev, the largest beer group in the world. Launched this afternoon the “Jerseys without ortega. Promotion with a dynamic through which it will give away tom brady jerseys.

Bud Light Wants to Take Advantage of Them to Launch a Dynamic

But it does so by remembering the unpleasant moment in which a mexican .Journalist stole the jersey with which brady won super bowl li. It must be remembered that last year, the theft of. The new england patriots quarterback’s jersey became news .And a trend on social networks, it gained momentum. After it became known that a mexican journalist was. Responsible for such an act. At the time, bud light .Took advantage of this situation for the Buy Panama WhatsApp Numbers hashtag .Nosomos así, directed at brady and where the brand sought. To “Clean the name” of mexico, as part of the. Marketing actions for the game between the patriots and .The oakland raiders, in the azteca stadium, which by the way. Was played in november of the roasted year.

Super Bowl Lii, the Presence of Tom Brady and the Mexican

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Now they want to repeat the formula trying to get the timing right given. The proximity of super bowl lii, which will be played next .Sunday and in which brady will also be present. The dynamic consists of giving away 50 jerseys of. The pats quarterback. Although social networks are .An effective channel to launch some promotions and dynamics in. Order to encourage interaction with the public. They are not always as effective as one would like. In the case of bud light, the “jerseys sin ortega. Promotion hasn’t yet made the cut to impress although its presence isn’t bad. The hashtag #budlightnfl is a. Trend in mexico, accumulating more than 1,800 tweets. With a reach of 63,291 accounts and more than 114,000 impressions, according to data from tweet reach.

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