In a constantly changing scenario, new trends, social networks and demands arise daily. This changes and impacts the different departments of a company, since they must work aligned and organized. It’s like an orchestra. Although each musician plays an instrument with a different sound, the result must be harmonious. The director, gesticulating and signaling in front of the musicians, organizes the team and produces a result that delights the audience.

This changes and impacts the different departments

The idea behind Orchestrated Marketing goes something like this. With access to information about user preferences, needs, and behavior patterns, it’s Marketing Directors Email Lists easier to reach them with the right message and take them further down the sales funnel. Beyond that, it involves a series of interactions between channels. When viewed in an overall context, this provides the consumer with a unique and personalized experience.

When viewed in an overall context

Marketing Directors Email Lists

Paving the way for conversion . After all, you can orchestrate actions to convert new customers, but you can also use them to drive contract renewals and upsells. Another relevant point in marketing orchestration is how it collects and uses user data  essential to precisely define the objective and provide the information necessary to produce a responsive, agile, efficient and pleasant user experience . When placed in the context of data-driven marketing, orchestration can also refer to database organization.

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