From Australia, the no bra club movement has emerged on social networks. In which hundreds of users upload photos in which they appear .Without a bra today, activism has become a powerful weapon. To connect with consumers. The demand of audiences for brands to stay up .To date and within the conversations that concern people’s needs beyond consumption. Has become an opportunity to capitalize on within marketing strategies. Conclusions delivered by e marketer, which indicate that 50 percent .Of consumers acknowledge having bought at least once based on the .Ethical values ​​of brands, while 56 percent of them say they would stop buying .A Peru B2B List product if you believe that the company that endorses you is unethical. Thus, 67 percent of marketers believe that changing values .​​are making brands more interested in corporate responsibility and .Values-based marketing.

Today, Activism Has Become a Powerful Weapon to

The premise is supported by the results of studies such as the. One published in the international journal of advertising. In which the professor at the university of  John wirtz discovered that although audiences remember. Ads with sexual elements more frequently than. Those with they do not have them. Said effect does not extend to Peru B2B List the brands or. Products that appear in said executions. But what would happen. If both concepts were combined? Values ​​such as. Trust (87 percent), transparency (73 percent) and respect for .Consumers (67 percent) are fundamental attributes to achieve true connections with target audiences. According to a recent study signed by gfk.

From Australia, a Movement Has Emerged on

Peru B2B List

From Australia, a movement has emerged on social networks -specifically. On instagram- called no bra club, in which hundreds of users -.Including some celebrities and important influencers- have .Decided to upload photos in which they appear without a Peru B2B List bra wearing, mostly. Bench shirts with the name of the initiative.  Of censorship on the image and female body, with which other phrases such. As “Does my bust offend you?” and “Freedom to dress as I want” are part of. The messages that accompany the unique publications.

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