Facebook is the king of social networks and brands have that knowledge. Since the users were eclipsed on this platform (currently more than 2,100 million users). There are many challenges they have faced to reach the digital consumer. What has been shown so far is that the social branch is essential to reach the audience online . What happens for the business model of a small and medium-sized company. Disseminating information about it and increasing sales. Is a task that must be done based on specific strategies. According to information from stadista.

According to Information From Stadista

The highest growth in market capitalization among small and medium-sized companies was until 2016. With 46 percent. However, the priority is to reach this digital business model. Since the same organization indicates that revenues in the market will amount. To just over 1,690 million dollars in 2018. According to world internet statistics . Facebook penetration in latin america is 57.3 percent, while in north america it is 72.4 percent. Finally, social bakers shows a result on the interaction on the platform.

According to the Platform the Best Practices

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since the user spends an average of 899 minutes per month within it. The reality of the banker According to the platform, the best practices for SMEs are: Promote a post locally through Facebook Ads services Create a chatbot to maximize the quality of your service and provide 24/7 support Take advantage of Facebook Stories to have a better exposure of your contentbroadcast your location

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