At the time when social networks became an important part of consumers brands. Tried to reach the same trend to expose their messages. IN order to establish themselves in the minds of .Users through these digital channels. From Facebook to instant messaging applications. Such as messenger or WhatsApp. They have become tools to properly deal with people. The advantage of real-time communication marked a before and after .For the actions of companies. Since it was a necessary complement to their digital business models. Boosting the presence of a brand and increasing. Its engagement saw in this type of applications an improvement .To keep the user captive and expectant of their own content. Although it is an independent application.  Interactions that take place within the. Social network with the largest number of users in the world.

Messenger or WhatsApp, They Have Become Tools to Properly

This platform has just over 1.3 billion users worldwide. The same users as WhatsApp. According to David Marcus, vice president of the application. In 2017 the messaging service grew 30 percent. Thanks to the implementation of Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists chatbots by messenger accounts of brands. Organizations and even government organizations. Which shows that acting in this way with. Chatbots could be fundamental. According to reports from the new York times.

The Advantage of Real-time Communication Marked Before

Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Snap travel, golden state warriors or Sephora were brands that used Facebook messenger .Efficiently to improve their levels of engagement. Not to mention In addition to encouraging their consumers to digital transactions. Web visits and paying attention to effective client .  Create automatic replies if you can’t reply right away.  Save the answers for specific cases. Analyze the profile of who writes to you to offer a personalized response. In this way, Facebook and its surrounding platforms are .Becoming an excellent tool for managing the digital customer service of a business.

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