Marketing through social networks is one of the usual rules that brands have today. In addition, with the constant updating that they have. It is possible to act in a certain way in. Order to improve the rules of the game. Just as instagram has just done with its stories .The popularity of stories among users has led the firm to .Incorporate new and more elements. From being able to highlight a story to last more than 24 hours. To putting locations, hashtags. Links for ads and live steaming, even gifs. The objective has always been to have a greater presence for the user. But also to increase its commercial capacity.

Marketing Through Social Networks Is One of the Usual Rules

Speaking specifically about the previous point. Three photos or videos can now be shown instead of one. Making carousel ads more interactive in instagram .Stories to Costa Rica WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists give brands a new advertising offer where .They can be part of the trends of instagram. The users how does this new stories format help digital marketing. According to social bakers, the hashtags with the highest index on. This platform were topics related to their daily lives, such as love, fashion or art. In this way.

The Popularity of Stories Among Users Has Led the Firm to

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Instagram Stories could improve storytelling capabilities for brands with greater ease of use, as well as a restructuring in the ‘playability’ of the content For Media Com, as Instagram continues to gain popularity with brands, the upside revenue potential also increases, reporting an estimated $4.268 million in revenue and this is due to the organic success of Stories. For its part, Instagram is expected to eventually increase the number of photos and videos that can be included in ad units, as it is currently only experimenting with a few brands and their respective accounts within the platform.

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