The sizes of souvenir photos from years ago hopefully reached. Maybe in a few more years we will receive from the neighborhood photo studio a giant folder of memories measuring X centimeters. The Artist and the Thrill But what should a young photographer who wants. Quite logically open a path to success really do Because it may be easy to criticize what fashion seductively suggests but difficult to resist and even more difficult to counterpropose. Before any other consideration he should accept that he decides and is responsible for his work. And that he must be beyond all fashion. As well as that what he loves from the past is present for him. That he has no obligation to shape per decade in fact an original artistic language. He has had some time just before his death to wonder about it. He should also ask himself what success means to him. Not for society. And to know that successes of different content are rarely achieved with the same movement.

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The photo was as everyone says and everything shows accepted by the art world. With the exaggeration and speed that only today’s visual world knows how to apply. And even if it didn’t exist Color Correction Service everything convinces that he would have to invent it. Of course it is not easy to believe that all of a sudden. All those who did not pay much attention to her are now moved by her speaking in eulogizing characterizations of her. Since I am not one to easily accept the excuse of organized conspiracies. I think most people were caught asleep and without understanding how. This happened they found themselves enthusiastic supporters of necessity. After all as it happened for years with politics so it happens with art today. Officials are has already realized. And they try to make up for lost time through exaggeration. For the art world neither the public nor the artists are official but those who make up the nexus of auxiliary professions related to the arts. Journalists and others found.

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Perhaps they even often felt a little guilty for being forced to give it such importance. Approaches to the artistic event can be of many kinds. However the first in importance and perhaps Consumer Lead those that justify its existence are those related. The very phenomenon of its production that is of the specific artwork by the specific artist. And this can only be done by those including the creator who feel the presence of the work of art as joy and emotion. It is obvious that all those who in one way or another deal with the arts at some point in their life even during its early innocent period. Would have started with the joy of enjoyment and possibly the curiosity of creation. Those who judge or write about cinema those who collect and exhibit paintings. Those who comment on or publish books have enjoyed the darkness of a movie theater stood ecstatically before. A painting in a museum or read and reread the same poem by their favorite book. They have reports of knowledge and emotions. Their subsequent inclusion in a certain professional category which moves in the field.

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