Increasing diversity starts with inclusive communication. Filling in Costa Rica B2B List this inclusive communication can be quite a challenge. Our society is diverse, but not yet inclusive. That is why Mariël Tiemersma of Randstad shares in her talk how you can ensure a match between your brand and Costa Rica B2B List society by promoting inclusivity and diversity, thereby increasing your reach. 8 steps to form a good basis for the start or implementation of inclusive communication : Be open to learning. Chances are you’ll make a mistake along the way, and that’s okay. Learn from it and see Costa Rica B2B List it as an opportunity to make improvements.

Appeal to a diverse target Costa Rica B2B List  

Expand your own consciousness. Inclusive communication Costa Rica B2B List starts with yourself: you have to be aware of your own prejudices and privileges. Follow influencers and media outside your usual choice. In addition, expand your network. Make sure you really know the people in your target audience. Look beyond one identity. Involve your Costa Rica B2B List target group not only in the creation but also in the strategy. The sooner you can take influences from the people Costa Rica B2B List you do it for, the better.

Costa Rica B2B List

Cross-media content Costa Rica B2B List

Provide accessibility. Think of people with, for example, a visual impairment Costa Rica B2B List or people who are hard of hearing or have difficulty walking. By making your content accessible to them, you increase the effective reach of your content. Choose your words carefully. There are many words that have become obsolete in Costa Rica B2B List recent years and are no longer acceptable. Avoid sloppy mistakes by using tools like this phrasebook from Women Inc. For example, also pay attention to whether your language is masculine or feminine. Avoid stereotyping. It seems obvious these days, but Costa Rica B2B List it really happens too often.

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