Show reviews and testimonials As we mentioned earlier, people pay much more attention to other customers’ experiences than they do to ads. By displaying reviews and testimonials on your website, social media or blog , you use their voices to ensure the quality and performance of what you offer. An important takeaway here is that you should combine different mediums to increase the impact of your strategy. Testimonials work quite well in text, although videos are better.

By displaying reviews and testimonials

If you have an outstanding story to tell, it can also be good material for a blog post. The design will impact as much as the messages, so make Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists sure you set the right mood. Develop alternative versions, optimized for mobile devices, both of the website and the blog. Third party reviews are also helpful. They add an extra layer of credibility to your company’s reputation . Use interactive content The premise of interactive content is to involve the audience in the experience.

Use interactive content The premise

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More than offering consumable content, it allows users to participate. There are many formats of interactive content , such as images, videos, infographics and calculators. A study published by the Content Marketing Institute shows that marketing campaigns used 63% more visual media in 2018 than in previous years. That said, we can go one step further with advanced digital solutions. Quizzes put our competitive nature into practice and create scores to measure people’s knowledge; calculators , in turn, offer personalized solutions to users .

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