Reel consisting of multiple videos, adding this option will certainly create more Reels. What more could Instagram want? . Customize text on your link sticker We’ve known for a while now that Instagram has removal the swipe-up . All accounts, large, small, with a blue check mark, without a blue check mark, can now add a link to a Story. Simply with the link sticker. When this sticker was just add, you couldn’t change the link of the sticker yet. By default, the text consist of the main URL of the link you shar. As an example: if you want to share the following link Then the sticker text automatically became: This in itself was of course a logical choice for Instagram, but we also quickly ran into a few problems.

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For example,’ is always a long text, so the sticker is always large. And if we want to share a measurement link, it was not immutably clear to our followers where that link went. Now this can be adjust. How does it work? When entering the website to which you want to link, you can now Cameroon Phone Number also indicate which text you want to appear on the sticker. If you don’t enter anything here, Instagram will still make it the main URL. Adjusting the text on your link sticker. . Add-yours, how does it work? Instagram has recently add a new sticker for Stories: the add yours sticker, or in Dutch: the your turn sticker. It’s a way to respond to a question or prompt in a Story with your own photo or video.

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You may have already seen it in someone else’s Story. But have you ever us it yourself? How does it work? You create a Story and open the sticker library. There you click on Consumer Lead the your turn sticker. You can then fill in your own prompt and publish your Story. Your followers can then respond to your prompt by clicking “Add your own content” and upload a photo or video that way. For example, you can ask your followers: are you working at home or at the office today? An Instagram update the your turn sticker.

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