Machine learning is powerful, but isn’t it only about analyzing what has happened? There should be no way to help humans make future decisions, right? Although the team is working hard to apply AI artificial intelligence, is there still a myth that “humans can make decisions”? Or the team wants to drive innovation, but doesn’t know how to involve AI in future decisions? Then, let’s take a look at how Formula One (Formula One; F1) and cross-border e-commerce company VeryBuy successfully created a new business model in the future by making robots “partners” of enterprises!


F1 collects

Processes, and analyzes these large amounts of race data in real time through the AWS machine learning platform, and conducts real-time analysis on the four core indicators of “low-speed cornering”, “high-speed cornering”, “straight driving” and “car handling”. Present data Lithuania Phone Number to a global audience in clear, easy-to-understand graphs. Such intensive dynamic data analysis enables F1 to design future races with a leading attitude, as if to open up a new perspective of “closer to the track” for fans, so that they can understand the difference of each car like an insider. performance, and understand why teams and drivers lead and lose.


When a new

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Customer visits the website for the first time, even if they have not registered or entered the “purchase” stage, the platform can recommend other products of similar styles to the buyer based on the weight of the style elements of the products that the customer has just browsed, compared prices, and viewed. , so that new customers are as familiar as old customers; and when encountering e-commerce festival events such as Lady Night, they can also pick out suitable festival products based on style labels.

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