Or is it a coincidence that I shared 7 reasons? That’s a Nicaragua B2B List knowledge for me and a question for you. Important textual tactics to influence behavior Have you ever examined your own writing process? To eventually be able to write better texts? In the Creative Online Writing Nicaragua B2B List training, expert Cor Hospes will help you with this. You learn which texts and headings work, and what this requires in terms of form, content and style. You will also be introduced to tactics to convince Nicaragua B2B List and influence your reader.

Balancing your Nicaragua B2B List 

Knowing more? View the training hereWith content you Nicaragua B2B List can generate leads or acquire new customers, but you can also use it to improve your reputation. Measurable. How? Philips has designed its content and storytelling around Cees van Nicaragua B2B List Riel’s reputation model. Content strategist Freek Janssen explains why Philips works this way. Freek Janssen started at Philips two years ago. At the time, the company was facing a challenge among young people. Research found that millennials and Generation Z were less aware that Philips is now a health technology Nicaragua B2B List company. Sustainability reputation scores also lagged behind other age groups.

Nicaragua B2B List

Reputation with the right  Nicaragua B2B List

A less good reputation? While Nicaragua B2B List Philips has been at number 1 continuously for 15 years in the Dutch reputation survey by professor Cees van Riel (and also internationally, Philips invariably ends up in the higher regions). And of course the company wants to Nicaragua B2B List keep that status! So work on the reputation shop, also because the younger age groups are important in the ‘war for talent’. We had to catch up with good content and storytelling. But how do Nicaragua B2B List you effectively use content to improve your (corporate) reputation?

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