We talk a lot about marketing challenges and, oftentimes, those challenges relate to marketers of certain maturities, industries, strategies, etc. But what is one universal challenge for all marketers? Audience segmentation. With our Predictive Audiences capability coming soon, Marketo Engage is transforming this fundamental piece of marketing in the most powerful way – through artificial intelligence. Predictive Audiences will be included in our Prime and Ultimate packages and available as an add-on for our Select package.

Audience Segmentation: The Great Balancing Act



Every marketer faces a similar dilemma with each program: reaching the most engaged and relevant audience and maximizing conversion without fatiguing the recipients and driving opt-outs. It’s critical to hit conversion goals but losing an audience member’s ear forever is hugely impactful and can take months or even years to repair.

But how can you reduce send lists while also reaching or even exceeding your goals?

With Predictive Audiences, you can confidently and intelligently target and engage the right people for your event and email campaigns to reach and exceed your goals without fatiguing your audience.

AI in B2B Marketing Today

Artificial Intelligence: still one of the Belgium Phone Number buzziest buzzwords in the marketplace today. You hear about it all the time, but how has it affected your everyday marketing workflows? Do you feel like you have the opportunity to leverage AI in an effective and powerful way? Do you even have access to any AI today?

In fact, 66% of marketers want their AI applications to help them identify the right accounts and individuals to target, while only 18% of B2B marketers report having adopted AI-driven personalization according to “The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing,” Demand Metric, 2019.

Without AI, marketers can still find innovative ways to strike the balance we talked about, but those ways are often resource-intensive, require


constant tweaking, and produce little confidence that those efforts will pay off.


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AI should be made available to everyone and should be easy to use and to adopt. This belief led us to develop Predictive Audiences, which makes AI available to everyone and part of everyday workflows! It also takes the manual effort and guesswork out of the equation – bringing a new level of efficiency to audience segmentation and targeting.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you will be able to use Predictive Audiences and how it transforms everyday marketing fundamentals for all marketers and revenue strategies.


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