Facebook announced what many defined as one of the most radical changes since its existence. Where brands will face new challenges. During the afternoon of yesterday. Mark zuckerberg announced what many defined as one of the most radical changes in .The VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists social network since its existence. From now on. The users’ news feed on said social network will look completely different. The content delivery system will favor conversations between family and friends over those related to companies. Brands or the media. In other words, the main change proposed is .To move from relevant content to meaningful content. So unlike what happened with the previous algorithm. Which gave priority in reach to posts that provoke comments. Regardless of what type they were ;

In Other Words the Main Change Proposed Is to Move

Marketing and media, where understanding who are the winners and who will see more challenges than opportunities is essential .To VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists adjust the strategy. Those who win. Influencer marketing one of the most important channels to leverage influence marketing actions are social networks. Where facebook occupies a predominant place. Let us remember that recent data from burst media indicate that during 2017. 59 percent of transnational brands, operating around the world. Increased their investments for influencer marketing campaigns. While estimates released by statista refer that 48 percent of those consulted have considered increasing. The budget for influencer marketing, and only 4 percent want to decrease it. With the change in. The algorithm and before the rule of favoring conversations between people before between markets and consumers.

Since Its Opening to the Business Class Facebook Has

VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists

this edge of marketing will benefit. More and more brands will be looking for brand ambassadors with the ability to influence within the niche of interest among their most loyal bases of followers. streaming video A central part of the announcement of the world’s largest social network was the priority that live video (Live streaming) will have within the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists platform. According to the release, this content delivery format will generate an average of six times more engagement than traditional videos. This is nothing more than a response to a trend that has already been emerging since 2016. According to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex, the engagement of this type of broadcast continues to rise; During 2017, 28 percent of internet users acknowledged having seen at least one live broadcast on Facebook,

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