If you want to know which words . You should not Czechia B2B List use in an office environment, follow Japke d. Bouma . She highlights all kinds of itchy words that we use a lot in our work. But which actually Czechia B2B List mean nothing (anymore). Vacancies from the cultural sector sometimes also contain words and expressions, which meanwhile mean very little anymore. Think of the ‘smooth pen’. Do you want your new employee to produce lyrics Czechia B2B List continuously?

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Then describe it as it is: ‘You are experienc in writing appropriate texts – from Czechia B2B List subsidy application to social media post.’ Or: ‘You are regularly present in the evenings for work during one of our concerts.’ 8. Don’t close a vacancy completely ‘What you take with you, what we ask of you and what we offer you.’ Of course Czechia B2B List  it is nice to create frameworks within a function. But you can also make the frame too small and thus give the applicant less freedom to respond. 16 points of job requirements can discourage responding at all, or tempt the applicant in their letter Czechia B2B List  to respond to each.

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Depending on your own expertise, experience and input (for example, social media, website, content, community, online marketing, strategy, branding) we divide the Czechia B2B List  tasks into a team of three. Do you see possibilities and are you interest? Please call or email […]. Especially if you are enthusiastic, but in doubt about something. Contact us. We like to think in terms of possibilities: what is possible. † In this way, the applicant is given the responsibility to explain expertises, instead Czechia B2B List  of due to preconceiv job requirements. In the vacancy, own ideas (and doubts) are encourag. Finally: experiment with different (types of) vacancy texts. Adapt them to the type of team member you are looking for, test them Czechia B2B List  within your organization and experiment.

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