The culture of netflix we all know netflix because it has managed to revolutionize the world of cinema. But few know what are the reasons that have made it so famous. Reed hastings. Its founder, has always argued that netflix’s success is a result of the culture created over the years. The starting principle is contained in the title of this book the only rule is that there are no rules.” the netflix culture, in fact. Is based on enhancing its employees not by limiting their abilities but by leaving them. Free to make any decisions they deem useful for the growth of the Business Development Directors Email Lists company. The reasoning is very simple: if you have chosen talents for your company they will make. The right decisions without the help or approval of their managers. Netflix is ​​a team and not a family.

It Is a Small Price to Pay to Show Employees All the Trust

The power of feedback according to netflix a very particular aspect that. Is explored in the book is that relating to the function of feedback. Hastings, openly declares that .To create a winning and innovative group everyone must continuously receive feedback for improvement. At netflix everyone is free to express their thoughts on the work .Of colleagues and their bosses, as long as it is clear, practical and sincere. The most important message that comes out is about. How you should react when receiving feedback you must demonstrate to .The Business Development Directors Email Lists employee that he is not taking any risks in providing them by reacting gratefully .To any criticism and providing signs of belonging.” it is essential to always thank for the courage and show the team that this is the only way to truly value everyone’s work.

Being Totally Transparent With Your Employees

Business Development Directors Email Lists

Total transparency of netflix to build a corporate culture based on .The absence of rules and decision-making freedom, it is necessary to provide as much information as possible to all .The people who are part of it. It is about being totally transparent with your employees by not keeping secrets. Even at the cost of taking some risks. Hastings, in fact, strongly believes I.N this principle and explains how at netflix they share financial results internally a few weeks before the close of each quarter. This is very risky for the financial world , because any employee could use that information to make a financial profit. But this has not happened yet. Probably, as the founder himself admitted, sooner or later. It will happen but it is a small price to pay to show employees all the trust that the company places in them. And when does the talent end.

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