Philips offers a bundle with Hue lamps in it for a discount price. Once someone has a few Hue lamps in their home, there is a greater chance that other lamps will also be replac by Hue lamps in the future. . Crowd Sourcing Delegate a task, problem or issue to third parties and offer them compensation for providing a solution. Advantages: Crowdsourcing can increase innovation capacity and provide surprising insights. It can be a good way to co-create with future clients. Challenges: Formulate the issue as concretely as possible and define the role of the crowd. Communicate clear and transparent selection criteria. Choosing the right incentives to activate the crowd.

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If everyone is allow to participate, many contributions can be of low quality. Selecting the best ideas can be time consuming. Crowdsourcing example: Threadless – unique designs and insight into customer nes For Threadless, crowdsourcing is the foundation of the business. The company invites Czech Republic Phone Number designers around the world to design T-shirts and submit them to the platform. Customers can vote for the designs they like best. The T-shirts with the most votes are produc and market. Designers receive compensation if their design is put into production. Also read common online business models & their key metrics . Custom Design Custom design example.

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Handmade artwork, tailor to customer requirements custom designs  Full focus on tailor-made products and services. The design, production and sales Consumer Lead are tailor-made and according to the wishes of the customer. Advantages: Better match the offer with individual customer wishes. Possibility to appeal to a group with high purchasing power who are willing to pay more for customization. Savings on inventory costs. There is no stock of finish products and the stock of raw materials is often limit. Challenges: Production is often labor-intensive and considerably more expensive. Lower delivery capacity than mass production.

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