However, the principle of choice also applies to retargeting: if some part of your users use the Russian language on the social network, then you can show them ads in Russian. Which ads on Facebook will work better in your particular case — in Russian or Ukrainian — is difficult to answer unequivocally. It all depends on a combination of factors that can be completely different for different niches and different companies. Conduct testing – this way you can find out for sure which ads will bring more profit. Let’s consider how it works in practice. One large clothing retailer test different language versions of Facebook ads. The results were interesting.

If you start simply googling your keywords

Russian-language ads provid greater reach, but Ukrainian-language ads provid more conversions, and the average purchase receipt was also larger. Taking into account Kenya Phone Number the obtain results, the company completely switch to the Ukrainian language in the announcements. SMS and e-mails — when and how to translate into Ukrainian Sending letters by e-mail, as well as messages by SMS or Viber fall under the concept of “electronic commerce” and, according to the law, as of January 2021, businesses are oblig to make such messages in.

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If it is difficult for you to understand

If the client asks to switch to Russian, you can do it, it will not be a violation. To avoid confusion, we recommend sending letters to new clients in Ukrainian by default. Next, you will be able to segment the audience according to language preferences: someone will want to Consumer Lead the discussion in Ukrainian, someone will want to switch to Russian. It is also desirable to translate all the company’s social networks into Ukrainian. Moreover, not only publications, but also communication with clients in comments, Direct, personal messages. Here you also have the right to switch to Russian or another language, for example, English, at the personal request of the client.

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