If your resource has been complain about for the first time. You will be subject to a check, bas on the results of which you will receive a warning. The punishment will not go away immiately: you will be given time for correction — 30 days to bring your resource in line with the bill. If nothing changes during this time, or if the site is complain about again within a year. You will face fines – from UAH 3,800 to UAH 4,600. Penalties for violations will begin only from July 16, 2022 — 3 years after the entry into force of the draft law.

You have incorrectly configured

It is better not to tempt fate and take care of. All the nuances relat to the new law right now. Instructions for switching to the default Ukrainian version of the site Hungary Phone Number At the moment, owners of Internet sites offering goods and services on the territory of Ukraine may face two situations: when the resource already has a Ukrainian-language version of the site and when it does not. If you already have the Ukrainian version, then, first of all, you ne to check whether it nes to be updat: First of all, check the content for untranslat or incorrect fragments. Remember that the volume of the Ukrainian version must correspond to the volume of the Russian or other version, which is consider the main one on the site.

Hungary Phone Number

The campaign for devices geolocation 

Also all meta-data (title, description, h1) must be translat. You can check this with special programs such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider or Netpeak Spider. They allow you to scan all Consumer Lead in Ukrainian and check them. Also check the correct operation of the language switch in the site header. Ensure that the user stays on the select page when switching languages, and is not taken to the main page. If you find a similar error, correct it. Check whether the markup of the different language versions complies with Google’s recommendations.

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