Even before the fashion of communication art found recognition in the eyes of many as a means by which man expresses himself. However if through communication I was forced to take. The distances I mentioned above I will take even greater distances from the unilateral exploitation of expression by art. Man lives and expresses himself constantly. Art is the only way to spontaneously express one’s psyche the fallacy is even more bitter. That art is subject to rules and that spontaneity plays very little role in creation. The creation of an artistic work. The only way to approach the unseen to move our spirit and imagination is to penetrate the real. Dreams and memories would be impossible without the invocation of the real. The hard work of the creator will prevent the work from taking off and its free and not guided communication with the viewer.

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After all it would be completely arbitrary and selfish to arbitrarily monopolize. The expressive need and possibility property of every human being by Ghost Mannequin Effect confining it only to the field of art a field of choice and exercise. As strong as the foundations of the relationship between art and expression are in common. Perception the roots that want the artist to be the servant of his art are equally deep. This perception is wrong The relationship between photography and reality is its most enigmatic dimension. The essence of reality its description and transcendence constitute the photographer’s vast and at the same time finite disciplinary space. Within this space it is called to work. There is no doubt that reality is the starting point of all art. Myth and mystery are rooted in the visible.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

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However photography develops a special relationship with the world of the senses. This world is not only necessary for its beginning but also for its very existence. Photography starts Consumer Lead from the real is forced to describe it tries to overcome it and hopes to create its own reality. If the purpose of art is unified timeless and spiritual nevertheless each particular form. Must trace the space of its own necessary discipline within which the artist must move. The search for metaphysical transcendence the latent goal of every world. In the photo the elements of the two worlds remain tightly bound until the end. Abstraction stems from the concrete. If the creator does not respect the singularity of the discipline of his medium. An arbitrary way the work will remain at the level of construction and not creation. The desire to transcend the physical the concrete the existent will be obvious external.

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