Great value and importance for society as a whole and for the wellmeaning. Another recent craze of many cultural policymakers around the world is institution building. In this way perhaps they reassure their artistic sterility through indirect. Organizational relaxation. But in art institutions are created by the presence of artists and their work. After all there are so many examples of institutions that flourished under the presence. An artist and often also a teacher and organizer who is also usually their founder only to wither under his successors that it is useless to continue to hope. that the opposite can happen. Organized parastatal institutions are usually places for the care of lowwage earners occasions. For squandering money opportunities for gratification of swindlers and causes for bureaucratic entanglements.

The existing artistic potential of the country

Since all this has been proven in the practice of foreign countries why should we hope that in our country where. The above negative phenomena have deeper roots Illustrator Art Work the results will be happier. Therefore for the implementation of the state cultural policy a competent department in the competent. Ministry manned by few and competent cultural managers whose task would be to record and strengthen would be sufficient. This potential as it is responsible for the production of its artistic work will. Also be responsible for the creation of the institutions it needs and that can support it. The State will come to cover and strengthen what already exists outside of it. Nevertheless precisely because of the meritocratic impartiality of the managers of the cultural authority. The presence of an advisory body is required which in every art would advise. The authority by giving an opinion.

Illustrator Art Work

The artistic background of those subsidized

The weight of such opinions could be invested with binding effect though more importantly. The merely advisory opinion would constitute a moral Consumer Lead commitment from which. Authority could not be departed from without sufficient and justifiable reasons. The composition of such an advisory body would change annually either. Whole or in parts but the opinions would also be public and reasoned. The first and most basic task of the government must be to record the artistic potential of the country. The artists the art teachers the spaces and activities the artistic past. The artistic presence of all should be the starting point of all programming. After all the State will strengthen what is there. He cannot and should not create anything to reinforce it. After all this is connected to two other parameters of the above questions. The percentage of support.

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