Perhaps one reason is that everyone does photography in one way or another. After all one easily comes to the thought that with such a poor and for many insignificant medium it is not possible. That he cannot deal with it when he has been occupied with other means more serious and with parchments of antiquity and difficulty. There are thus in the vicinity of the photographic art persons with little genuine and original love for it. Almost necessarily engaged in something to which the age tends because of a general adoration for each image and which. The general public seems to adopt with ease which the speed and intellectual laziness of the times impose. Since photography became the first popular to deal with it as well. Even more so when unlike the cinema with a few tricks and so many other findings it can be turned into a transactional object. In a way that we often encounter in life one of the basic. Positive characteristics of photography its great popularity based on its ease of production and its relationship with the mechanism of memory became a cause for its distortion.

Photographs that in a subtle and indirect way spoke

Popularity attracted fledgling analysts shrewd marketers. Machiavellian opportunists who saw an opportunity to use popular photography as a tool to achieve other goals Photo Retouching without necessarily implying that. Those other goals are necessarily dangerous or devious or that they the new propagandists. The medium are selfmade and unbelievably dark manipulators of consciences. Most of the time we are faced with people with more confusion and ignorance than with spiritual criminals. Journalists publishers hall managers and politicians found themselves as. Already said often against their will in the vicinity of this art which and I insist on this they neither practiced nor loved. The result amid the wonder if not the despair which this foreign and poor medium gives rise to them is that they resort to obvious or obscure. These years nevertheless produced great photographs. Their era by speaking through the photographer’s world. Except that they hid their subject more discreetly knowing that. The obvious can never say more than it shows nor claim a time longer than what it depicts.

Photo Retouching

The peculiarities and behavior of the visual art

The end it is comically tragic if you consider that all the photos of events that were praised. The importance of the depicted event remained Consumer Lead signs of exactly that event. Indeed not on their own but through the caption and the fame that accompanied them. While all important photographs are markers of both our present time and time as a concept. But the criticism that the illustrated subject allows is easier for the critic and for. The receiver while it can also become much more chatty and much more arbitrary. The second approach more popular with. Art critics and gallery owners highlights space in the photograph. In this way the criticism and commentary of photography have ready paths worked through. The practice of the publishing and exhibition environment of painting. Photography is no longer interested in the depicted subject but in its visual construction or placement in artistic currents. Photographic discourse gives way to tried and tested visual terminology and argumentation.

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