Keep stumbling over the blindly accepted by the greater part of the militarized. Left world direct relationship of art with its social effect and its socioeconomic origin. Today it has become rather widely perceived that Marxism despite its undeniably interesting views in the direction of economic. Analysis did not succeed as well in approaching the artistic phenomenon. Cause and causality did not prove to be adequate tools for the interpretation of genius. But the political and social goals even when they had noble springs did not prove to be effective artistic motivations. However the perception of the social role of art remained rooted in the minds of many people which justifies it in their eyes. These people skeptics towards the to art as well which governs all modern everyday life. Art therefore according to this understanding must tend either towards entertainment or towards decoration. Always with educational results towards society as a whole. Of course this which will embrace the maximum number of citizens.

Art must express a minimum common denominator

This view ignores or despises the privileged relationship of the creator with the artistic work. Within this relationship the work is the mirror of its creator. The viewer will use T-Shirt Design Service the mirror as a window to the world but only through the distorting personal filter that the artist has inserted. Consequently the viewer’s relationship with the artistic result will always be as unique as that of the creator. The least common denominator will never be possible since. These unique relationships would have to be subordinated to a similar and common framework. Then the presence of the creator’s personal filter would disappear as an obstacle. The existence of art in itself with only its own birth as a reason does not negate. Possible and desirable other effects but refers to the equally unknown if not irrational presence of the world and man within him. The artist discovers that art is one and perhaps not the only response to his unwarranted presence in the world.

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Fortunately a necessary element for the survival

The previous thoughts almost certainly lead to the question of the egoism and elitism. The artist since his work is not aimed at society let alone the greater part of it. The artist acts primarily Consumer Lead driven by a personal need and desire. Motivations so unclear even for him that his engagement with art is at the same time his attempt to clarify them. The attempt to satisfy this desire and its motivations leads to the artistic work the function. Role of which in society changes from era to era. The artist follows the fate of his work fervently wishes for its social acceptance and inclusion but he never gives it nor should he give it the first importance. This does not cease to be his own need and desire. And only if he remains artistically selfish does he have the possibility of being artistically honest and therefore creatively interesting. Changing the order of objectives would distort the result. This selfishness does not harm his neighbor and society given that art is no and happiness of all people. Art is a tragic luxury that some people need and that shouldn’t be forced upon everyone.

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