Artificial intelligence in marketing is a subject that is dominating the industry right now. From all the Belgium Phone Number current applications in marketing automation and predictive analytics, to the all-important question: What’s next? To get a better understanding of where this profound shift in technology is taking us, let’s take a look at the thought processes that are driving the change – the computer thought processes, that is – the artificial neural networks. What Are Neural Networks? Artificial neural networks are an important subset of Belgium Phone Number machine learning. They are what computer scientists use to work on complex tasks, such as making predictions, strategizing and recognizing trends.

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Unlike other machine learning algorithms, which may organize data or crunch numbers, neural networks learn from experience. Like humans. Neural networks, as the Belgium Phone Number name suggests, are modeled after the neural networks of the human brain, which are responsible for human decision making. The brain takes in information and then attempts to connect the dots to come up with a conclusion. We don’t always get it right at first, nor do the machine learning algorithms. But through trial and error, we, and likewise the artificial neural networks (ANN), start coming up with better outputs. How Do Artificial Neural Networks Operate? Currently, most ANNs are relatively simple when compared to the Belgium Phone Number complex neural interactions that take place when a human mind makes decisions.

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There is an input layer, an output layer, and a hidden layer sandwiched in between – where there are hundreds of virtual nodes the algorithm connects and reconnects to Belgium Phone Number when trying to reach an outcome. Image via Ecommerce-Digest To ‘learn’ with each input experience, the algorithm will alter the internal connections until it figures out how to achieve a desired output within a specified level of accuracy. Once the algorithm has learned, more inputs can be entered and the ANN provides a workable prediction. What About Deep Learning? Deep learning, or DL, refers to a more intensive version of Belgium Phone Number machine learning. Remember the single hidden layer in the artificial neural network? With DL, there are multiple layers. Not only are deep learning neural networks more complex, but it is here that there exists the hope (and the fear) that the algorithms will take off and begin learning on their own.

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