The best way to sell in 2017 is to stop selling. Stop pushing your product or service on people. They’ll buy when they’re good and ready, and when they believe that Pakistan Phone Number you have their best interests at heart. In other words, they don’t want to hear how awesome you are, they want to hear that you’re on their side and looking out for their best interests. The content that breaks through is never about your products; it’s about the audience. And that has given rise to technology content marketing. At Scribewise, we define content marketing as “the creation and distribution of journalistic, audience-focused material that ultimately increases customer acquisition.” “Journalistic” because that connotes a higher level of quality, focused on Pakistan Phone Number providing value to the reader rather than some keyword-stuffed gibberish an SEO firm might create.

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“Audience-focused” because the content that breaks through is never about your products; it’s about the audience — make them the Pakistan Phone Number hero of your stories. And “increases customer acquisition” because this is marketing and the goal is to generate leads to drive sales; if you’re just writing for the sake of getting your thoughts out there, start a personal blog. So, who’s doing a good job of content marketing in the local tech scene? Fortunately, we have some Philly-area companies that are hitting it out of the park. SAP I know, I know, your Pakistan Phone Number company has nowhere near the budget that SAP can get its hands on. However, when Michael Brenner launched content marketing at SAP five years ago, he was a man on an island. With almost no budget, he did most of the  writing himself, then begged volunteers to pitch in.

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I created the site because our marketing efforts at the time were mainly speaking only to Pakistan Phone Number people who already knew SAP,” Brenner told me recently. “We needed customer-focused content produced like a publisher to reach and engage new audiences. Our key to success was harnessing the power of our internal employees and customers who wanted a platform to share their expertise. Our only editorial rule was that we did not allow direct promotion of SAP products.” It worked. SAP has since built a massive marketing database for the Pakistan Phone Number company. What is now SAP’s Digitalis Magazine reaches more than 1 million readers a month, more than a lot of top business publications.

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