Are agencies ready for tin mexico, there are more than 300 digital marketing agencies. Which must rethink their proposals to offer innovative services to their clients. Marketing digital despite not being a completely digitized country. Mexico is the latin american country with the highest penetration in terms of technology. Today, there are more than 300 specialized digital marketing agencies nationwide. However, if we take a look at the global picture. The markets are digitizing very quickly, possibly faster than. The digital marketing agencies in mexico. In fact. A study carried out by the merca 2.0 research department on. Digital marketing agencies revealed that only 21 percent of agencies work with augmented reality.

In Mexico, There Are More Than 300 Digital Marketing Agencies

Brands are using strategies based on the latest technology. And digital marketing agencies will have to innovate more than ever. To compete in the Buy Senegal WhatsApp Numbers market and not lose their clientele. 00:05 / 01:27 01:22 / 01:27 concepts such as.Creativity and innovation have taken a turn, which will lead agencies to rethink their proposals .When approaching brands. The creative medium will work with technologies such as. The internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. So that brand services evolve from content marketing to shopper marketing.

Despite Not Being a Completely Digitized Country, Mexico Is

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And thus provide the market with products and services tailored to the personal needs and desires of each individual. However, this evolution, although it is an opportunity for the creative field, will bring with it new challenges in terms of communication between brands and agencies. According to the Merca 2.0 Research Department, 55.2 percent of digital marketing agencies consider that the biggest challenge is working with clients who do not have knowledge about digital media and strategies. On the other hand, the interest in offering quality services is present among digital marketing agencies in Mexico, since 85.6 percent offer their employees specialized training in digital areas and new technologies.he evolution of digital marketing?

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