At most companies, internal communications is broken. Emails that no one reads, fliers pinned to India Phone Number bulletin boards no one notices, and all hands meetings in which the entire audience is checking social media on their phones. Why won’t employees pay attention? Why do they complain about company culture, but never participate in it to make it better? Almost certainly, it’s because your content is boring. While companies have aced storytelling to India Phone Number their customers, the “story” is different when it comes to internal communications. Therefore, human Resources must realize they’re competing for attention with everything. In other words,  However, just having video screens by the elevators to broadcast information is not enough.

Why Won’t Employees Pay India Phone Number

Just about every company struggles with employee engagement The India Phone Number numbers from Gallup’s State of the American Workforce study are not pretty. A full 70 percent of American employees are not actively engage at work. Sixteen percent are so disengage that they are actively working to undermine the culture of the company; For instance,  that’s one out of every six employees! The point is that many employees are not buying what your internal communications team is selling. Too many organizations are stuck in the past when it comes to India Phone Number communications style; today’s workers want company information in the same style they get all of their information—when they want it and how they want it. That monthly newsletter simply isn’t interesting enough any more.


When They Want It and How India Phone Number

That methodical, old school style of communication. Is no longer interesting enough to capture employees. Attention, let alone to grab them by the India phone number collar and get them. Excited about where they work. In an environment filled with more information. That ever before—depending on the study you pay attention to, the amount of content in the world. Doubles every nine to 24 months your internal commas content needs. To be pretty special to make an impact. HR is the new marketing Here’s why it matters. In today’s social media-driven, no-walls world of work, everyone who works at your company is a brand ambassador. No matter what marketing creates, no matter how much money you spend on advertising, what your India Phone Number employees say about the organization carries weight with the outside world.

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