While and many of the other new domain Luxembourg Phone Number extensions are becoming more common. People will default to the version of any website when they type it into Luxembourg Phone Number a browser. HOSTING: $3.50-$250/MONTH ($29/MONTH Luxembourg Phone Number AVERAGE) Hosting is the fee you pay to host your website on a hosting provider’s server. Without hosting, your website won’t be connected to the internet and can’t be visited. There are two kinds of hosting: shared hosting and private hosting (aka dedicated server).

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Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting Luxembourg Phone Number available (starting at $3.50/month. Up to around $40/month) because you’re “sharing” your server (left) with other people Luxembourg Phone Number (right) on the shared hosting plan.[*] Picture Luxembourg Phone Number showing what a shared hosting is This is fine for a new store, up until around 100,000 visits per Luxembourg Phone Number month. After that, you’ll want to upgrade to private hosting for better speed and less downtime. Private hosting, on the other hand, means you’re paying for your own private server.

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This is more costly (usually starting at $200/month), Luxembourg Phone Number but can be more reliable. Especially if you have a lot of monthly visitors. Since  you’re starting an ecommerce store, I recommend working with an ecommerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce, or  WooCommerce. Shopify and Luxembourg Phone Number BigCommerce come with their own hosting (and SSL certificates — more on that in a moment), so you don’t need to worry about buying separate hosting.

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