Homepage Articles SEO Our 7 biggest successes and our 3 biggest “failures”… Our first full year in business Our 7 biggest successes and Hong Kong Phone Number List our 3 biggest “failures”… Our first full year in business Posted: 2015-01-02 2015.01.01-year in review I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing… but it’s crazy how fast 2014 has gone by. It seems like last week I was sitting at a local coffee shop where I like to hang out Hong Kong Phone Number List on “rest days,” writing down my goals for 2014…and joining our team and noting how we would rule the world in 2014. And the funniest/scariest thing is… the years just keep getting faster.

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Before we know it, we’ll look back on 2015 by reviewing how the year went…and wondering if we did what we set out to do in the previous 12 months. This is a huge source of motivation for me. Knowing that time will pass, whether I’m focused, excited and making things happen or not. So might as well give it our all… ignore the naysayers… and crush it in life and business. Sowith the end of our first full year of business here at Investor Carrot…providing what top-performing real estate investors nationwide call “the best real estate investor websites I’ve Hong Kong Phone Number seen” time and time again we attract more blue chip investors in every market than any other real estate investor website system.

I Said I Wouldn’t Compromise When Starting

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Able to achieve in 2014some of our biggest wins and failures in as a Hong Kong Phone Number List start-up…and what you’re in store for 2015 as a member of the Investor Carrot community whether you’re an active customer or not… you’ll benefit BIG TIME in 2015 . 7 things we’re incredibly proud of for 2014 2014 was a great year for us as a company and for our customers…here are 7 things we are very proud of for 2014. 1. Tons of customer love and RESULTS (leads and deals) in our awesomeness feed Around the start of 2014, we launched something we call the ‘ Excellence Feed’ here at Investor

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