Screenshot showing an sms conversation Then select Fetch & Continue. Screenshot showing a message creation page on Twilio You should see “Test Successful” on the screen. View the test data and ensure your message (in this case I sent “howdy!”) was received. Screenshot showing the test successful page on Twilio Select Continue then Continue again after choosing Send SMS as your trigger response.

Test Successful” on the screen

Screenshot showing settings on the Twilio dashboard You’ll now be asked to select another Twilio account for handling the outbound message. Simply select your Malaysia Phone Number List existing Twilio connection. This means Zapier handles inbound as well as outbound triggers, which you want. Now the fun part. Map your variables like the screenshot below: Screenshot showing a settings page on the Twilio dashboard From Number: your Twilio number.

Malaysia Phone Number List

Map your variables like the screenshot

Alphanumeric Sender ID: (leave blank!). To Number: your personal cell phone, labeled “From” in the drop-down menu options. Message: input anything here, like “hi back!” (you’ll change it later). Media URL: optional; you can link to a [public] image file here. Note: including a Media URL will increase the cost to $0.02 or $0.03 per sent text, which is 2-4x more expensive than a text-only message. Select Continue then send an SMS on the next page.

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