Take a look at this Coca-Cola commercial and see if you notice anything special. Is it or is it not a remarkable product experience? Focusing on the Product Experience (PX) is imperative to delivering rich digital experiences to consumers. Using the right techniques, it is possible to expand your organic reach and create an extremely loyal customer base. So don’t miss our post on content experience ! Brand positioning is the central element of the success, sustainability and permanence of a business in any field.

Using the right techniques

The spaces for which companies compete are on various planes, not only in advertising or in the market, they are also in your mind. Brands want to get a VP Administration Email Lists place in your thoughts to cause shocks of happiness every time you remember them. That is a fundamental concept when we talk about brand positioning. Due to its relevance in today’s competitive markets, today we want to explore this key concept in depth, delving into its essence and its key factors, among other things.

That is a fundamental concept when we talk

VP Administration Email Lists

Do you dare to know the ABC of brand positioning? If so, stay with us! What is brand positioning? Genius and guru of modern marketing , and czar of innovative business processes, are some very good descriptions for Philip Kotler , who also gave us a very good concept of brand positioning. According to Kotler, defender and disseminator of concepts such as the 4 P’s of Marketing , positioning consists of designing the commercial offer in such a way that it occupies a precious place in the minds of consumers . In these times, this positioning must have the digital environment as its north.

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