Podcasts on the rise how to do audio seo? Google and the future of internet audio back to index what is seo audio? By analogy. We can define audio seo as a series of optimization practices to make audio files. Especially podcasts. Appear prominently in search results. It may seem confusing. After all google doesn’t “listen” to audio. So how does the company’s algorithm go about indexing podcasts? That’s what we’ll see next. >> check out our glossary of top seo terms from a to z! Podcasts on the rise to understand the importance of seo audio. We also need to talk about the relevance that the podcast has gained in brazil and in the world in recent years. Before. The media was a niche phenomenon. But today the podcast is increasingly popular worldwide. Whether in traditional format.

In audio. Or in the videocast model. According to a survey carried out by the platform coupon válido. With data from statista and ibope. Brazil is the third country in the world that most consumes podcasts . Behind only sweden and ireland. According to the study. There are more than 30 million listeners throughout brazil . This shows that the podcast is a very rich content format. Which should be explored by brands. Its capacity for engagement. Combined with the power of social networks. Can generate many fruits for content producers. In addition. The media has characteristics very similar to radio that go beyond audio. The podcast is able to be present in the lives of many people.

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Of all ages. In many everyday contexts. And can be played anywhere. Now. How can you maximize podcasts to rank high in search algorithms? How to do audio seo and get your podcasts at the top of the serp? Finally. We come to the important part: how Hungary phone number to make seo audio and thus take your podcasts to the first page of google? If you already have a content production strategy in place. You won’t have any difficulties. The golden rule remains: deliver relevant content and a good user experience . Despite being a different content format. The seo work is the same. Generally speaking. Audio files cannot be indexed by search engines. After all. As we said. Google does not “listen” to the content.

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This is because the language spoken by the algorithms is written text. That’s exactly what you’re thinking. Audio seo basically consists of associating texts with your podcasts. Thus. These services will be able to identify the theme of your content and classify it correctly. This process can be divided into two fronts: description: describe in detail the content of your audio; transcription: convert all podcast speech to text. You’ve probably already put the first method into practice. As virtually all podcast platforms don’t allow you to publish content without a title or abstract. In turn. Transcribing the audio takes more time and. Therefore. Is a strategy rarely used by content producers. But it is precisely one of the most efficient. Let’s see in detail how to apply each of the two seo audio techniques to your podcasts.

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The power of the theme the first point to invest in your audio seo is to explore relevant topics in your podcast. To attract the audience. Explore hot topics. Using formats that are attractive. According to a survey by the platform coupon válido . 55% of brazilians prefer to listen to podcasts in the interview format . Second. We have the true story and roundtable narrative formats. With a relevant theme and an attractive format. The next step is to work on a communication strategy based on the sales funnel. That is. Generating awareness and then investing in the stages of consideration and purchase decision. 2. Description. Your ally the description serves as a short summary of your podcast. Telling a little about what will be covered throughout the audio and presenting additional information.

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