If your top-selling mug is one with a cute frog on it, and Christmas is coming up, create a mug with the same frog but with a Santa hat on it. Go ahead and send an email about this limited edition mug to everyone who bought your froggie mug before. I’d buy that mug. I’d buy that mug in a heartbeat. Here’s an email sent by Amazon a week before Thanksgiving: they know what their customers will need soon. Screenshot showing thanksgiving email sent by amazon St.

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Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and you run an ecommerce store that sells handmade bracelets. Come up with a green bracelet with a four-leaf clover on it, Bulgaria Phone Number and sell it to your customers. Let’s amp that up a little more and send a custom email about this bracelet to every customer of yours from Massachusetts. Run an Instagram ad for people in Massachusetts. You know, St. Paddy’s is kind of a big deal up in Massachusetts, especially Boston.


Will help you realize some super-

You need to understand your customers’ behavior, segment them based on this, and sell to them accordingly. If you’d like a worksheet that you can fill out and that will help you realize some super-custom, awesome things you can do for your customers, click the button below. Get The Behavioral Segmentation Worksheet TAILOR YOUR PRODUCTS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS Once you have more data about your customers, such as the benefit they

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